Netflix: go for free or (at least) save some money!

The Netflix streaming service has become almost indispensable in many homes and is considered essential for many Americans. Discover two effective ways to save money and enjoy this platform for free. Plus, learn how to save some money if those two ways aren't possible for you.


1. 30 days free

When you sign up for Netflix, you can do a 30-day free trial. Although you need to enter your credit card details to start the test, you can cancel the account at any time.

If you have multiple email addresses, you can cancel your membership at the end of the trial period and then enroll again.

As you can see, if you have a personal email account and a working one, you could enjoy at least two months of Netflix for free without any problem.

If you live with somebody else, that gives you the chance of having Netflix for free, for at least four months.

2. Contract internet with Verizon

This internet service provider gives you Netflix when you hire it. Therefore, you should not worry about paying anything if you are a user of the Verizon FiOS internet network since they will give you the streaming service for a year.
This promotion is only for customers who have signed up for Verizon Gigabit Internet Packs, so bear that in mind when you hire the service.


Do you pay for a Netflix subscription but you’d like to save some money on it? There are ways to achieve it without canceling this service! Just pay attention to these tips:

Before taking any measures, it’s important to know what you’re working with. Take a look at the fine print on your subscription’s terms and conditions. Did you know that Netflix continues to deliver DVD and Blu-ray discs to some of its clients? And did you know you could be paying for this service even if you don’t use it?

While it’s a rather unlikely scenario, it’s not impossible. Maybe you just stopped using it and you never opted out of this service, or maybe a long time’s passed since you tried it and forgot it still exists. In order to check that you’re not paying for this extra delivery service and cancel it if it was still being charged to your account unknowingly, just go to your account page and click on “Change plan”.

Have you ever seen Netflix gift cards? They’re out-of-the-box options to pay for your subscription. Not only they’re highly accessible, but they usually cost less than a direct subscription, which means paying less money for the same streaming service.

You can get these gift cards online or in physical stores. One way is to get them through Google Play or iTunes. Another idea is to make good use of your wholesale membership at a warehouse and use it to get a card of this kind for a cheaper price than the actual subscription.

You should also check these ways to lower the price of your Internet service!

If you want to check a show on another platform and you know it’ll be meaningless to pay for that one and Netflix at the same time, you can pause the subscription. This will allow you to easily start it back up again whenever you want to while saving some money. If you plan this well, you’ll be able to make this a recurrent habit and, let’s say, pay for your Netflix subscription only once every two months.

You need to click on the “Cancel membership” button to do this, but this shouldn’t worry you. Your profiles and their watch stories will remain intact until you decide to reactivate the account, which can be done by signing back in and flicking a switch. This way, you can hop between streaming services without negative impacts on your wallet!

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