Check out which states have the best lottery payouts!

Check out which states have the best lottery payouts!

44 states of 50 sell lottery tickets in the United States.

By  Mel RB

If you

like to bet on good luck, perhaps you like to buy lottery tickets from time to time.

Some tickets are multi-state lotteries, like Powerball and Mega Millions, but there're some tricks that you might want to know next time when you buy a ticket.

However, states distribute the money they get from lottery ticket sales in different ways, with the result that where you buy your tickets affects the share of the jackpot you receive if you win a jackpot.

The lottery payouts are defined as "the percentage of the money that the lottery brings in from ticket sales, that's returned to the winners as prizes." You have to remember that states use the money they receive from the lottery for other purposes, like educational initiatives or social causes. 

Some states give back a larger percentage of the money they received to the winners than others. So which states offer the biggest payouts?

According to the census of 2018, "lottery winners in the United States receive an average of 64% of lottery ticket sales as prize payouts." Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah don't offer lottery at all. 

"The state with the absolute highest lottery payout in 2018 was Idaho, which has an impressive payout of 78.5% of ticket money going toward prizes." Although Idaho doesn't sell a lot of lottery tickets like New York City or California, the state doesn't spend a lot on overhead than others.

North Dakota, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maine are the other states that pay more than 70% of their lottery earnings as prize.

Listing of the Payout Percentages by State:

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