Celebrate National Bourbon Day with these coupons!

Enjoy these coupons and toast with your friends 

Like Scotch, Cognac, and some other spirits, Bourbon must meet certain standards and be produced in a specific geographical region to earn its name. Bourbon is a whiskey that is only so when it’s distilled in the United States. This particular whiskey derives its name from the Kentucky county, which was established in 1785 and was a large producer of corn. Back then, once the corn was distilled, it was put in barrels and stamped “Old Bourbon” and shipped down the Ohio River.

To celebrate the National Bourbon Day it would be ideal to pour a glass of Bourbon, so you might be interested in these Blanton's Bourbon coupons:

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Use the hashtag #NationalBourbonDay on social media. Also, as you savor the depth of flavor, study up on Bourbon. Watch a documentary or read a book on the history of Bourbon. These will take you back in time and tell you about the people who brought about the drink we know as the Official Spirit of America.

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