COVID- 19 has now affected Dunkin' Donuts COVID- 19 has now affected Dunkin' Donuts

COVID- 19 has now affected Dunkin' Donuts

With a surge in coronavirus cases all over the US causing new closures and reopenings to backtrack in many states, Dunkin’ Donuts is the latest food chain to announce changes due to the economic crisis.

Dunkin 'Donuts is one of the latest companies to join the group of companies that have decided to close hundreds of locations to get by during the coronavirus crisis.

The food chain will permanently close 8% of its branches in the US, which is equivalent to approximately 800 restaurants, according to CNN.

More than half of the closings will be at Speedway convenience stores. These locations are expected to be closed by the end of this year. Dunkin ’also disclosed that approximately 350 locations could permanently close outside of the United States.

The company announced the changes on Thursday in its second-quarter earnings presentation and said the affected branches are located in places with almost no sales and that they have only represented 2% of their sales in the US since 2019.

This announcement comes only a couple of days after McDonald’s also said that it will close nearly 2,000 locations where it does not have as many sales. 

With the health crisis nowhere close to ending, it is difficult to anticipate which other food chains could be added to the list of restaurants closing or adjusting their menus to face the crisis in the next weeks.

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