"Buying the world's cheapest house: Only $1.19"

LivingBobby Channel: I am a travel vlogger that explores the world through 24 hour challenges, unique accommodations, and lesser-known places cultures and cuisines (food is life haha). My mission is to empower individuals to travel farther and deeper with limitless hearts and minds!

Buying homes at cheap prices and then investing in its remodeling is one of the best savings strategies, and more so for acquiring a home at an early age.

But imagine buying a house for only $1.19! That's a crazy price. Check out this LivingBobby video to see this amazingly priced home and its transformation:

About the video:

"I found the worlds cheapest house for only $1.19 and this house looked more like a mansion then a home! Enjoy this video on the cheapest house in the world bringing truth to $1 homes, while also showing a complete modern renovation of a cheap old house!"

If you want to see more videos, here's the YouTube Channel.

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