Buying jewelry? Tips to avoid the most common mistakes Buying jewelry? Tips to avoid the most common mistakes

Buying jewelry? Tips to avoid the most common mistakes

Choosing expensive jewelry can be stressful, but here are some tips to minimize risks.

A lot of people struggle to feel confident while shopping, and more precisely when it comes to buying jewelry. If you are trying to surprise your significant other with a nice piece of jewelry, keep these tips in mind:

1-     Set a realistic budget

There is a huge variety of fine jewelry at a huge array of prices. There are even a lot of lovely pieces that cost less than $100. So, before heading to the store, decide how much you can spend on the item. If the salesperson offers something beyond that amount, just say it is more than what you plan to spend and move on. 

2-    Educate yourself

Are you looking for diamonds? Another gemstone? What is the set made of? All these factors will determine the cost of the piece, but it will also help you determine how to take care of it. For example, silver needs regular polishing.

3-    Don’t guess on the ring size

Although rings can be resized, getting it right the first time is so simple that it makes no sense to go through that. If you can, pick a ring that your beloved is not currently wearing (but that the person usually wears on the same finger for which you are shopping) and match it with the ring-sizing chart, like this one from Zales.

4-    Know the recipient’s taste

The most common mistake when buying jewelry is now knowing what the recipient likes. There are two simple rules of thumb that will probably get the job done:
-If the person who will receive the gift is a hopeless romantic, a heart-shaped piece will probably make them happy.
-Conservative and casual types might enjoy hoop earrings, diamond stud earrings or link chains.

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