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Buying an $18,000 house: inside America’s Cheap Old Houses

Cheap Old Houses for sale page: A site for all those people who are captivated by old house charm and beauty. Recently for sale historic and old houses. Check out this Monica Church's video relating her experience.

Contrary to what everyone else says, you don’t actually need to buy a million dollar house and go into extreme debt to live a satisfying and beautiful life.

At Cheap Old Houses they scour new real estate listings daily, coast to coast, searching for homes for sale for under $100k. They hand pick the most beautiful of the bunch and share them with you. 


About the video:

"So what's it really like inside a really cheap old house? This week I found out the truth behind the instagram handle @cheapoldhouses, and it's pretty cool.

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After buying a house over the last year, I have become obsessed with all things housing. To amazing modern builds, to alternative ways of living out of an airstream, this week I explored America's cheap old houses! Wheeling, West Virginia is a post industrial city that never fully revived itself after the great depression.

As a result, there are tons of beautiful, but a bit run down buildings in this town- for super cheap! Wheeling is starting experience an up tick of newcomers that are fed up with big cities and high costs of living.

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If you want to see more Monica Church's videos, here's her YouTube Channel.

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