Budgeting for your baby's first year

Congratulations! A baby's coming! As a first-time parent, you should prepare your house and build a new budget considering the expenses that'll come along with this new arrival to the family.

You are going to go through one of the most incredible experiences of your life: a new baby's coming! This exciting news will bring a lot of changes in your life. Not only your sleeping time and your everyday basis will be altered, but also your bank account. To prevent unpleasant surprises, you should build a budget that considers all the new expenses that your family will have during your baby's first year. You'll have one-time purchases, but others will take place every month.


This is one of the most enjoyable activities to do while expecting a baby. But there's a lot to spend on furniture, accessories, and baby's furnishings, like a changing table. Also, a comfortable sofa or rocking chair to breastfeed the child. You may also want to buy new sheets, blankets, a baby monitor, as well as doing some painting and decoration. 


This is another one-time purchase. It's very important that all the transportation items are mandated by federal law. You should look for a good stroller and a trustable infant car seat. You'll also need a diaper bag and even a portable playpen. 


This expense will join your family for at least two years. This is why you should set aside between $70 and $78 per month for standard disposable diapers. You can consider other long-term diapers, which you can wash after they've been used. The cost would then be reduced to about $19 a month. 

Baby Food

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, that will certainly reduce some of your costs. However, you may want some gear to help you with the baby's feeding. For that purpose, you'll need a breast pump, bottles, and various other related accessories, like special bras and a nursing pillow. In the event that your baby needs formula milk, that'll certainly affect your budget, so you should consider putting some money into this item as well.

Baby Clothes

Take into consideration that babies can grow pretty quickly, so don't fill their wardrobes with pretty suits and jackets. Babies outgrow their clothes each month, at least until they reach one year. If you find some bargains, it's always better to buy large sizes than clothes that'll fit only a brief period of time. 


The offer of visual and tactile books and toys for babies is endless. Surely, you'll get many presents for your new baby, so don't rush and buy lots of toys. These are items that can wait until your baby is two or three months old. If you can't wait, you can purchase a bouncy seat or a play mat, which will entertain and educate your baby through joy. 

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