8 great summer money-saving tips

8 great summer money-saving tips

Summer is the ideal season to cut some expenses. It doesn't mean staying bored at home. There are lots of opportunities to have fun for free, or for a very few dollars. Here are some ideas

Take out your bike

Cycling is healthy, eco friendly and helps you work out. You can go out with friends or enjoy a ride to a park. You can also use your bike to do your errands. If you attach a basket or a saddlebag to your bike, you can take a few things back and forth. If you're going to the store, take a lock with you to keep your bike safe while purchasing.  Remember to wear a helmet, respect the traffic lights and take all safety precautions. 

Plant a garden

During the summer you can grow your own garden. It doesn't matter if you have a huge park or a little backyard because there are plenty of things that you can choose to plant. Aromatic and medicinal plants don't need a big space to grow. You can also produce your own lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkins and lots of other vegetables.   

Visit the local library

Have you ever been to your town's library? Maybe now it's a good time to go and look for a couple of books to read. Some libraries also offer the possibility to borrow hiking and camping gear, state parks' passes, telescopes, and more. They usually have reading programs where you can go with your children and spent an amusing time there. 

What's better than free fun?

Most cities and districts organize free activities during the summer, such as music festivals and street performances. You should check your town's website and calendar and sign in for notifications. You can also search for free days in museums and free entries to national parks. Take advantage of these opportunities!

Think as a tourist

Did you realize that there are a lot of interesting places nearby that you've never been to? Take a look at a tourism map of your area and you'll see that a lot of tourists visit places that you normally don't. Zoos, museums, parks, historic cafes, etc. What are you waiting for? Take a staycation!

Go as a volunteer

Another way to attend a concert or sporting event for free is by offering as a volunteer. If you’d like to go for this option, you should sign up with enough time. Look into your city's calendar about the next events to come, and get in touch with the organizers in order to offer your help for free. Take into consideration that you may not be able to enjoy the complete event as the public, but you’ll certainly spend a good time for free!

Make the most of your credit card´s perks!

In this regard, you can check your credit card’s promotions. You might find that it offers points or cashback on tickets to the theater or sporting events. You can even get exclusive discounts for concerts or other events just because you're a credit card user. 

Get a membership card

There are other options to get cheaper entertainment via memberships and special discounts. Typically, wholesale clubs sell discounted tickets if you're buying for multiple people. You can get better prices for theme park tickets, restaurants gift cards, or movies. Check at Costco and Sam's Club to find these opportunities!

In this article, you'll find more ideas about how to save money on entertainment!

Let´s cut some expenses!

In the holidays you've got more free time, and you can make the most of it in order to save some money. For example, you can ax your entertainment budget. Take a good look at your services' bills and explore other alternatives. Ask for quotes from other companies. That will help you renegotiate with your current ones, and you may get interesting discounts.

You can even think about cutting your cable TV. If you keep the internet service provider, you can make good use of free streaming platforms, which offer a wide range of movies, sports, news, and also weather forecasts. 

If you need extra channels, you can hire Sling TV, which offers live programs and on-demand movies for a low monthly cost. Another alternative is to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, Walt Disney's Company's entertainment streaming service. 

To keep your house fresh, you should block the sun. You can install some sunshades on the windows that are exposed to the sun. You can also protect them with blackout curtains, which will help contain the cool air conditioning.

Once you did this, turn up your AC by just a few degrees. That will help you with your electric bills! The recommended setting is 76 to 78 degrees when you are home. When no one’s home, you can turn it off or raise it a few degrees more. A programmable thermostat can be very useful to program your air conditioner system. You’re able to set exact temperatures for different times of the day, and it stays automatically for the rest of the summer. 

Summer is a good time to save money on the gym. Get rid of your gym membership and start working out by doing other activities, like hiking, running, swimming, and more! You’ll always have time to rejoin your gym when the weather is bad. 

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