Best boat shoes for men under $50

Best boat shoes for men under $50

As some restrictions on activities start to relax, people are eager to enjoy summertime before winter comes. So, if you have sailing plans but no boat shoes, take a look at the best options for every budget!

After several months of lockdown, some activities are beginning to relax and this means that you can finally do most of the things you've planned for this summer earlier this year.

Some people are going to the beach, organizing barbeques with friends and families, or even taking surf classes. Spending a day on the deck of a boat is also a great summer plan, but do you have the right shoes for this?

Here's a list of the most stylish and functional boat shoes you can get for less than $50!

This model may not immediately look like a traditional boat show, but it's still considered part of the genre. In this case, these shoes offer a textured, vintage-washed canvas upper and a removable molded EVA footbed you can easily clean. Made with full-grain leather paneling, these shoes are comfortable all-day wear you can get for $41.

This is one of the most recognizable models of the brand. It offers a timeless nautical design, with a premium leather upper, moccasin-stitched shoe and rust-resistant eyelets. You can not only use this $41 shoes at the deck but also take them to other urban settings.

Your day at sea is always better with Dockers' footwear. Although many people don't know, this company isn't only an expert in pants, but it also produces excellent boat shoes for men. These extremely comfortable Vargas shoes offer a grippy rubber sole, a 100% leather upper and a cushioned EVA footbed. You can get them for $42!

The company initially known for its fashionable boots has expanded its products and it found its way to boat shoes as well. You can find this model for $48 and it offers a 100% leather upper, rubber sole and cushioned interior. It grants comfortable footwear with style, the perfect match for your day at the boat's deck!  

Just like it happens with Sanuk's model, this option may not count with a traditional look and feel of a boat shoe. Nevertheless, it's a great option to use on the decks due to its slip-on styling. The Dorado offers the perfect balance between a sneaker and nautical footwear and you can get them for $50.

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