Best affordable DIY home improvement ideas

You don’t need a fortune to make some nice improvements to your house, it can be easy and affordable!

There’s always something you wanna fix or change in your house but you are always worrying about the money. Stop that, with this list you are going to find out the best ways to make home improvements yourself and for a low price.

1.Bathroom mini-makeover—$430

If you’ve long wanted the elegance of natural stone in your home, consider a new granite bathroom vanity top, which is a great, affordable way to get it. Prices range from $150 to $450 depending on the size and you can have them delivered to your house without extra charges. You can also add a new faucet and mirror, and guess what? you’ll still be spending less than $500.

2.Wallpaper one wall—$280

If you are tired of looking at your walls as they are if you are thinking of repainting. You don’t have to cover every wall to make a dramatic change, if you wallpaper one wall you are going to see how that changes the whole room and your perspective. This is an especially good solution for a room with plain walls, slim baseboards and window trim, and no built-ins. You create instant character.

3.Halogen track lighting—$180

Track lighting lets you put light exactly where you need it—on countertops, walls or objects—and brighten just about any area. The tiny halogen bulbs emit a dazzling white light that illuminates colors brilliantly. The price of track lighting has dropped in recent years and now they are super affordable. And many systems now operate on standard household voltage so you won’t need to install a transformer.

4.Kitchen rollouts—$40 to $80

Rollouts are one of the easiest and most satisfying upgrades you can make to your kitchen. They bring everything that’s tucked out of sight in the back of cabinets right to your fingertips, you are going to get like a whole new storage space.

5.Trim and paint—$380

By adding two simple lines of trim—a chair rail and a crown molding—you create the perfect framework for any handsome two-color wall combination. This is one of the secrets of fast, easy redecorating.

To have the biggest color impact, paint your trim. This also simplifies installation. You don’t have to cut perfect joints, because a little filler and paint will leave them looking sharp and crisp. You can also use less expensive materials.

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