Banksy's work that pays tribute to medical workers gets sold for $23 million

Banksy's work that pays tribute to medical workers gets sold for $23 million

The graffiti artists had donated his piece to University Hospital Southampton in England for charity

The work of ar,t made by notorious and controversial British graffiti artist Banksy, has been officially sold for $23 million. Titled Game Changer, the piece was gifted by Banksy to University Hospital Southampton in England back in May 2020, and proceeds from the recent sale will help the hospital's staff and patients

According to famous auction house Christie's, the piece was a world auction record for the artist. The work of art shows a kid playing with a medical health toy doll that seems to be flying, besides them lays a trash bin that has Batman and Spiderman dolls in them.

Check the work down below:

What this tries to show is the heroism of all medical workers during the pandemic outbreak and how they are seen by society, as heroes that are fighting to battle the worst pandemic lived by humans to this day.

According to People magazine, proceeds from the sale of the artwork, the auction house said in a press release, will be used to "support health organizations and charities across the UK that enhance the care and treatment provided by the NHS."

The artwork was originally gifted by Banksy back in May 2020 to the University Hospital Southampton in England, when the hospital staff received it, notice that there was a little note inside that said: 

"Thanks for all you're doing,  i hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white."

The British artist has been famous for his anonymity and strong political messages. So far he hasn't revealed his identity. The latest intervention he made was in London's subway, where he left a number of graffiti works that depicted rats interacting with face masks, as a way to encourage their use and take care of people.

Check the video down below:

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