Apple will hold ‘the most significant iPhone event in years’ this week Apple will hold ‘the most significant iPhone event in years’ this week

Apple will hold ‘the most significant iPhone event in years’ this week

Usually, Apple announces its iPhones in September, but this year, due to the coronavirus, the event was postponed till October. This week, the new smartphones will finally be introduced. What can we expect to see?  

On Tuesday, Apple is holding a launch event where it will reveal this year’s iPhone lineup, a month after having presented the new Apple watches

According to CNBC, this year’s iPhone launch is an important one, for it is expected to include the first major exterior redesign since 2017, for the new models will feature iPad-like edges with flatter sides.

Apple is also expected to release four separate iPhones at different screen sizes and prices, and at least some of the new iPhones will support 5G cellular networks, which promise faster download times.

The last time Apple made such big changes to the iPhone was 2014 when the iPhone 6 came out with two different sizes and bigger screens, so this could cause a big upgrade cycle that will make Apple an even more valuable company.

“We expect this fall’s launch to be the most significant iPhone event in years,” Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote in a note this week. 

Morgan Stanley analysts are expecting an iPhone lineup of 4 new devices, including:

• iPhone 12 Mini, a new device with a 5.4-inch screen. This would be the smallest iPhone since the company debuted full-screen versions in 2017, and will probably be about the same size as the iPhone 6.

• iPhone 12, the standard edition with a 6.1-inch screen, the same size as today.

• iPhone 12 Pro, also with a 6.1-inch screen but higher specs.

• iPhone 12 Pro Max, which would have the largest screen ever at 6.7 inches (today’s iPhone 11 Pro Max tops out at 6.5 inches)

These expectations are based on information from Apple’s supply chain of manufacturers in China, so names may end up being different.

 “It remains somewhat speculative when exactly iPhones will be available for sale after this event as Apple typically announces the first day of sale during the event,” Deutsche Bank analyst Jeriel Ong wrote in a note this past week.

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