Amazing ways to save money on new kitchen appliances

Amazing ways to save money on new kitchen appliances

When you’re in the market for new appliances, the options can be overwhelming... So it's great to know some ways to save money on that device you liked so much.

Keeping your kitchen up to date and with as many helpers as possible is a dream for anyone. And by helpers, we mean devices that can make cooking much easier for you.

Kitchen appliances are getting better every day, with tools you can't help but fall in love with! If you want to keep your kitchen equipped with all of them, consider these tips to save some money on your purchases.

Buy a package deal

Even if you only have one or two kitchen appliances currently in need of replacing, chances are they were all purchased at the same time and the others will likely fizzle out soon. Either way, an appliance package could be your biggest source of savings when it comes to purchasing appliances.

Keep your kitchen equipped with awesome appliances

Purchase a floor model

Don’t mind if your new appliance comes with a box? Consider purchasing an appliance that’s been on display. Floor models come with the same warranty you’d get with a new-in-box item, without the new-in-box price. You’ll save yourself the cardboard clean-up and a load of cash.

Wait for sale

Waiting a week or two could be all it takes to reduce your purchase price by 25%. If there are big appliance sale events (like Black Friday) around the corner, be patient and watchful for great deals on what you need. Kitchen appliances often go on sale toward the end of fall, just before Thanksgiving. This is commonly when homeowners look to spruce up their homes in anticipation of guests.

As soon as the new models hit the store, the older models are reduced

Research reliable brands

When you pay more for reliability and skip all other unnecessary features, it’ll pay for itself when the appliances last many years instead of one or two. Quality over price is always better, would rather get many years out of an $800 model or a few out of a $500 model?

Consider last year’s model

Newer models are usually loaded with lots of features but are expensive. More often than not, it’s just a change in the last letter of the model number, or the manufacturer is phasing out a particular model. Either way, it’s likely a minor upgrade that you wouldn't even miss.

As soon as the new models hit the store, the older models are reduced. If owning last year’s model isn’t a problem, you can save hundreds of dollars on your appliance purchase.

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