A complete guide to sell your second-hand clothes

You can make a lot of money by selling second-hand clothes if they are in good condition. You should take into account this advice in order to make the most of these online sales!

Surely, you have a lot of clothes that you rarely put on, or that you've received as a present and you didn't like it so much. Don't let them stacked in your closet! You can sell them online on different marketplaces.

Firstly, take a look at your stuff: clothes, shoes or accessories. They've to be quality items and also be in good shape. If it has stains or holes, or if it's stretched, you could donate them or use them for some DIY projects. If not, put it into the washing machine and get it ironed if necessary, so it'll be in its best possible condition.  

After that, take great pictures of each item, if possible with natural light. Try to use clear backgrounds. Shoot many photos of your product, including some details that you'd like to highlight. 

You need to write a description for each item, which should include its brand, size, and condition. You can name some other attributes that can't be seen in the picture, like “it feels really comfortable” or “the coziest coat you'll ever wear”. 

Ir order to price your stuff right, you can look in the brands' stores for the new clothes' prices, and compare them with other second-hand prices that you'll see on different marketplaces. You should also calculate the shipping costs and fees before establishing the prices.

Once you've posted your items in different marketplaces, if time goes by and you don't get an offer, consider lowering the price, or combining products as another strategy. Try always to think like a buyer, and what you'd like to get as an extra when purchasing any of your stuff. You can even sell matching clothes and advertise them as a great outfit!

The coolest marketplaces


The first step to join this marketplace is to sign up and get a user's name. You can sell clothes, shoes, and even accessories. You have to upload pictures and write a description. Don't forget to name the brand! You can set a price, and then offer private deals to people who liked your stuff. You can publish for free as many items as you want. Once you close a deal, Poshmark provides you with a prepaid shipping label to send your sale. The platform has a fee on sold items: for sales under $15, it’s $2.95 and for sales $15 and over, they take 20% of the sale’s final price.


If you have some luxury clothes or accessories to sell, you can choose this peer-to-peer resale marketplace. You'll find a lot of fashion items from known brands like Givenchy, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton, and you can use your earning to shop on the same platform with interesting discounts. When your items get an offer, Tradesy will send you a prepaid shipping label, and you'll receive your money within 21 days via PayPal, checking account, or debit card. Take into consideration that the commission fees are 19.8% on items over $50 and there’s a flat rate of $7.50 for items under $50.


If you want to sell your clothes through this marketplace, you don't need to spend time taking pictures and uploading each item. You can order a free Clean Out Kit, send your clothes, and get an assessment by their experts. If you agree, they’ll list your items. They have 15k arrivals every week and you may find a lot of good offers from known brands. You can use your earnings to buy on the same platform, or you can ask to get paid via Stripe or PayPal. Their fee depends on the value of each item.


Swap.com is an online consignment store that offers second-hand clothes for the whole family. You'll be invited to send all your stuff to get inspected by Swap experts. They have strict acceptance criteria, so make sure that your clothes are in good condition, freshly laundered, and belong to original brands. If any of your items are rejected, you can choose to have them recycled or sent back to you, for which you’ll have to pay $9. Once your listed products are sold, you’ll get your money via cash, check, or credit payout. Swap will take a percentage of the value as a commission.

Letgo App

You can use the Letgo App to offer almost anything you'd like to sell. Just tap “Sell your stuff” and start taking pictures! You should add a description, choose a category, set a price and tap “done”. It's a local customer marketplace, so you can arrange with your buyer where to meet and exchange your item for cash. You don't have to pay for shipping or any extra fees.


Born as a social media platform, Instagram is also chosen by people who want to buy and sell a huge vary of stuff. You can post your second-hand clothes on your personal account, or you can place a storefront account and promote your items in a more professional way. You should always write a description of their sizes, prices, acceptable payment methods, and the shipping method. You can spread the word of your offers by using Instagram's strategies to get more traffic on your account, like using hashtags and stories.


This is a big community of buyers and sellers specialized in clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. If you’re no longer wearing a beautiful coat or a nice pair of sandals, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make some money on this website! 

Facebook Marketplace 

This is a big community with a lot of potential buyers. You´ll be required to sign up with a Facebook account, and from then on, you can publish your stuff on your personal wall and in different groups. When somebody wants to get in touch with you, you´ll receive a notification through the Messenger app. You can choose whether doing the transaction in cash when you give your product away, or to do it previously online. 


This is a very popular app and it helps to sell items locally. You can post your item with a photo and a description and suggest a price. You will get messages from peoples nearby with offers and you can negotiate until you get what you want. 

CPlus for Craiglist 

This marketplace publishes a wide range of garage sales, car sales, and all types of classifieds. If you want to sell anything by posting a photo and description easily from your device. You can get also alerts if you´re looking for something to buy, to catch up with the latest in real-time. 

You can sell your used stuff in more than one app at the same time. Be sure to mark them as sold when you close a deal. It's not recommended to maintain something on sale when you can't longer deliver it, because it can hurt your buyer's score. That being said, make the most of the online selling!

If you like to know some clothing hacks to save money and look better, don´t miss this article!

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