A complete guide to plan your meals

An organized approach to grocery shopping can help you maximize your time and budget. You can add some grocery services that´ll help your meal planning.

If you look at your monthly household expenses, you’ll notice that a big part of the money is spent on grocery shopping. Since these costs can’t be avoided because, obviously, everyone has to eat, there are other ways to save some money.

The key is to know what you need to buy. By carefully planning every meal of the week you’d be able to make a grocery list that includes the necessary items for your household. Organizing what you’ll eat in advance will keep you from buying things you don’t need while still making sure you’ll be able to prepare all meals with what you’re buying.

emeals is only one example of all the available platforms out there that help you plan your meals in advance. Some of these require a monthly fee, but some people find their advantages to be worth paying for.

When organizing meals is also important to know who you’ll be cooking for. Maybe you’ll have to prepare a meal for your kid to take to school or dinner for when your family’s in town. Knowing this will help you buy the right amount of food- nothing more, nothing less!

In order to accurately predict what needs to be bought and who’ll be eating the meals, communication is key. If two members of the household buy vegetables at the same time, you’ll end up with a ton of them, some of which may rot and go to waste. Likewise, if someone has take-out for dinner their portion would’ve been prepared for nothing.

Being organized takes time and dedication. It may not appear as natural at first, but once you notice the difference it makes on the household expenses you won’t want to go back! 

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Look at these prepared meal boxes!

If you ever had to sacrifice making a good meal because you didn't have the time to cook it, this is how you can get a healthy, delicious meal without this problem. There are pre-made meal boxes for everyone's taste!


Even if you can't prepare your meals yourself, it doesn't mean that you're limited to simple, frozen food. These boxes are delivered fresh, in accordance with their fresh ingredients. Each healthy gourmet meal is chef-prepared and doesn’t have any refined sugar, artificial ingredients, or gluten. You can order 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week, and the costs start at $49.99 a week.


This meal kit is special for those with children. It's well known how hard it is to cook for them, especially healthy foods. With this box, you'll receive finger-licking meals for them, made from fresh natural ingredients. You can choose from their menu and pay only $47.95 per week for 6 meals.


If you're trying to lose a few pounds, it isn't enough to exercise every single day; you should eat healthy meals that will help you reach your goals. This meal box contains fitness and workout foods, all cooked with natural ingredients. They're rich in protein and already come pre-cooked and portioned. The costs go from $5.99 to $14.88 per meal.

Daily Harvest

Even trendy foods can be bought in these meal kits. You can find healthy and farm-frozen items based on real fruits and vegetables. All smoothies, oat bowls, soups, chia bowls, lattes, and other foods have no refined sugars, fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors. If you purchase 9 items per week, you can pay as little as $5.99 for each item.


Who said there couldn't be gourmet meals without meat? This meal subscription box includes foods made from organic ingredients. There are also no preservatives in these plant-based meals! If you're looking for a low-calorie menu, you'll find one here as well. Each fully prepared meal costs $8.


Its healthy meal kit promises to include all macronutrients that you need in each meal. Each protein, fat, and carb is calculated in these macro-balanced foods. You can combine healthy and delicious meals, even if you follow a diet such as a keto, paleo, clean, vegan, or vegetarian. There's a rotating weekly menu, which can cost as little as $108.43.

While there are many benefits to subscription boxes like these, some find disadvantages that could persuade them from purchasing them. Consider all of these before making a decision that makes you the most comfortable! There are also people who’d rather save time and money with other fresh food delivery services, or buy subscription boxes with ingredients to prepare the meals themselves.

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You can also prepare diverse, healthy, and tasty meals

If you wish you could eat other meals than noodles every day, check these meal boxes. They’ll deliver you the ingredients and recipes for many different meals. You’ll enjoy the food without stressing about planning it!

Green Chef

For only $6,99 a meal, you’ll receive recipes and ingredients for a very big menu. Everything’s fresh, and USDA certified organic, which shows the quality of all products. You can choose from many different diets, including paleo, gluten-free, vegan, pescetarian, vegetarian, etc. and you’ll receive a tailor-made menu.

Purple Carrot

If you’re looking for a vegan meal kit, this is the one. You can purchase all plant-based and high-protein ingredients for $12 per plate. The company will deliver your kit with the pre-measured ingredients after you’ve selected your plan.

Zenpop Ramen Pack

Are you looking to mix things up a bit? With this ingredient meal kit, you can prepare all kinds of noodles. They can help you diversify an otherwise common-looking meal, for only $30 a month. The company doesn’t even charge fees for international shipping!

Takeout Kit

Maybe you’re not into Asian food like ramen, but you enjoy other places’ specialties. This delivery meal kit lets you choose from cuisines all around the globe. Each kit costs $32 a month and you’ll receive the ingredients needed for 3-4 portions of your selected dish. The kits have a 2-month shelf life, in case you want to save them for a special occasion.


This meal kit includes special holiday-themed baking kits. They have organic and non-GMO ingredients and the service costs $19,99 per month. The recipes are so easy to make that you can include your children and have a nice baking afternoon with the whole family!


This is the perfect meal kit for burger lovers. Its boxes cost $65 and there’s enough food for two people. You can enjoy fresh ingredients and delicious sides. The burgers are certified Angus burgers, which means that they’re finger-licking good!

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