7 Cheap additions to upgrade your house 7 Cheap additions to upgrade your house

7 Cheap additions to upgrade your house

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy new furniture for your house, you can still upgrade its look. Many simple, cheap elements can make your house look completely different.

1. Houseplants

Having some plants in your bathroom, living room and balcony can turn the style of your house upside down. They’ll provide a fresh, natural and welcoming vibes. You can go to your local nursery and buy flowers, herbs or even cacti!

2. Pictures

What’s a better way to create a happy atmosphere than framing or hanging some pictures of yourself and the ones you love? There are many stores where you can buy many picture frames at a low price and you can print pictures just as easily. You can even skip frames altogether and be a part of some new trends: hang your pictures from holiday lights or stick them to a wall and create a photo wall!

3. Mirrors

They aren’t used only for people to look at themselves in, they can also open up the space. They help create a lighter and bigger space. This way, even if you live in a small apartment you can avoid making it look overcrowded.

4. Candles and lightbulbs

It’s all about the lighting! You can switch the mood of a house just by choosing different lightbulbs. The new trend includes vintage Filament Bulbs, which can completely change the look of each room. The candles also provide a relaxing atmosphere, especially if they’re scented! 

5. Pillows

Another way to achieve turning your house into a welcoming and cozy space is to include pillows. You can buy some for your bed or couches and they’ll make them look more relaxed and stylish.

6. Shower curtain

This may seem like a strange addition, but if you think about it, shower curtains are usually the first thing that you see in a bathroom. The accumulated humidity may cause it to grow some mold, which doesn’t look so good... There are a lot of different designs: with cartoons for children, with simple and modern patterns, and obviously plain ones.

7. Paint

Lastly, a single, fresh coat of paint never hurts. Maybe your kid drew something on the wall or some of the old paint peeled off. Either case, you can modernize the look of your entire house simply by applying one coat. It’ll also make it seem cleaner and brand-new!

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