Save money on cosmetics

6 tips to save money on cosmetics, makeup, and toiletries

If you need to cut your expenses a bit, you don’t need to give up makeup and toiletries, keep on reading for smart shopping tips.

Here are some great tips to help you save money on makeup and toiletries:

1. Use what you already have

You might throw away toothpaste that tastes just a little too much like baking soda. You may also have toiletries in the cabinets or the linen closet that you forgot about buying. Search your home and find usable makeup products and toiletries, and use them completely before buying more products.

2. Buy less expensive makeup

Although it seems obvious, it can be hard for some people. If you have always used pricey name brand products, you may not realize that many good, inexpensive brands exist.

3. Buy in bulk

Typically, buying in bulk or buying the largest size available saves you some money. If you do this for all your toiletries, you can see how the savings quickly accumulate.

4. Combine coupons with sales

Each of them is a blessing on its own but together are like a super awesome combination. You can save money on makeup and toiletries by finding coupons for items during sales. When you see a great bargain by combining discount grocery coupons with sales, stock up so that you have enough for several months until the next opportunity. 

5. Collect Samples

Make sure to bring home the toiletries from hotels and ask for samples from makeup counters. 

6. Use less

You don’t have to lather, rinse, and repeat your shampoo in order to get your hair clean. Try to use less toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, and even toilet paper.

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