5 very expensive things Scott Disick owns

Scott Disick is a well-known reality television star who became famous thanks to the Keeping up with the Kardashians show. In addition to being an actor, he’s also a model and a businessman who has managed to amass a fortune of $25 million in personal net wealth.

Scott Disick is a savvy celebrity personality that has worked hard to build his professional career and become so rich. Moreover, because of his eccentric personality and so much money, he is expected to spent it on some extravagant belongings.

Let's check out the most expensive things in which he has invested his fortune:

5. Expensive Sunglasses Collection.

Of course, those aren’t just any sunglasses; they are all designer’s sunglasses that cost a decent amount of money so having a collection like this definitely isn’t a cheap sport.

4. Gucci coat.

Scott Disick has the most expensive clothes and accessories such as this little Gucci number he is wearing in the picture. After all, he’s always been known as one of the best-dressed people on the KUWTK show.

Scott Disick wearing his Gucci coat

3. Gold Apple MacBook.

The most expensive computer you can find or at least, this was one of the most expensive ones a while back when Scott purchased it.

2. Private Jet.

It appears that no matter where he travels, Scott Disick chooses a private jet as his preferred transportation method and he never forgets to brag about it on Instagram.

Scott Disick's private jet.

1. Dream house.

In 2018 he bought for $3,235,000 a house called Jed Smith House in the city of Hidden Hills, in Los Angeles.

Scott Disick definitely knows how to spend his money, huh?

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