5 tips for saving money when buying groceries

Everybody knows that buying groceries can be expensive, but with these tips, you can save up a lot!

Americans spend an average of  $5,174 a year, or roughly $431 a month, on groceries, according to the latest spending data available from location intelligence firm Esri. Of course, the amount you spend on groceries depends on where you shop, what you buy, and the number of people in your household. Keep on reading to find out the best tips to save money on your next grocery run.

1. Pay with a grocery rewards card

Using the right form of payment at checkout can help you earn rewards that can be used to offset your bill. While a generic cash-back card like the Citi Double Cash Card can earn you 2% cashback (1% on all purchases and an additional 1% after you pay your credit card bill), there are specific grocery rewards credit cards that can earn you up to 6% back.

2. Sign up for the loyalty program

Most grocery stores offer loyalty programs that are free to join. This way you can benefit from member-only discounts that automatically deduct at checkout and all without the need to clip coupons.

3. Clip coupons

You can maximize your savings by clipping coupons for additional discounts. Look out for the weekly circular in the mail and sift through the pages for deals that matter to you. You can also download your favorite store’s mobile app to get instant discounts.

4. Join a wholesale club

Wholesale clubs like Costco can help you rack up savings for buying in bulk. If you have a large family, joining a wholesale club can be a good idea. 

5. Stick to the list

Whenever you go to the supermarket you have to stick to the list, you will find lots of tempting products and it can be hard to follow if you bring your kids and/or shop on an empty stomach.  The next time you go to the grocery store, make sure you have a list and stick to it so you don’t wind up raising your bill.

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