5 things you should always buy generic

Generic products are usually at least as good as the branded competitors —and almost always cheaper!

There are some branded products that offer something unique that makes them specially. But most times, the only difference between a branded product and a no-name product is only price, not quality. 

Here are 5 items you should buy generic:    

1-    Water

If you can drink tap water, then that’s should be your preferred choice —the ultimate generic option. If you are unsure, you can get a good filter and run tap water through it for extra peace of mind. But if you must buy bottled water, choose store brands to save money. However, keep in mind that bottled water is no safer than tap water. Actually, an estimated one-quarter of bottled water comes from tap.

2-    Medications

A great way of saving money on medications is by buying generic. The FDA requires both generic and branded medications conform the same safety standards, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, so they are equally safe.

3-    Milk

If you check the labels, you will see that store-brand products come from the same dairy as costlier brand-named milk. This applies to milk, but generic is not the best option for any dairy. The Kitchn advises, for example, that you skip generic yoghurt.

4-    Sunscreen

Similar to medications, the FDA also regulates sunscreens, so both generic and branded products need to meet the same safety standards. Look for an SPF (sun protection factor) rating of 30 or more, and one that offers protection from both UVA and UVB, also known as broad-spectrum protection. 

5-    Baking and cooking supplies

Chefs and other professionals usually use more store-branded products than the average shopper. Actually, among their preferred generic products, professionals name:

-Baking mixes
-Baking soda
-Powdered sugar
-Brown sugar
-Baking supplies

So, if professional chefs consider this products better than their branded competitors, they are probably good enough for you, too.

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