5 things you can buy to improve your productivity 5 things you can buy to improve your productivity

5 things you can buy to improve your productivity

Things are really tough right now and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unfocused. Thankfully, there are some items you can buy online that will help you increase your productivity.

Here’s a list of 5 products that you can buy that will help you stay on schedule, focused and productive:

1-    Smart Planner

A Smart Planner will help you stay organized. It comes with three bookmarks, a pen holder and an elastic strap closure, and it offers weekly and monthly planning sections, daily schedules, goal setting, weekly scoring, “to-do” section, habit tracking and gratitude affirmations. 

2-    Noise-cancelling headphones

These are a great tool to help you stay focused. Lightweight and wireless, they reduce unwanted noise and they let you tune in any jam you love, with no outside distractions. Just work away to the beats!

3-    Productivity manual

Get a copy of “The 30-day productivity plan” and stop procrastinating. This manual can help boost your productivity by teaching you powerful lessons, like “break the 30 bad habits that are sabotaging your time management —one day at a time!”
A true must-read.

4-    Dry erase calendar

The simplest way of staying on top of your schedule is by visualizing it. It comes with an extra thick magnet and holes for hanging and it also includes five magnetic dry erase markers with built-in erasers. This will allow you to easily see any upcoming event on your calendar, so you never miss one!

5-    Standing desk converter

Home office is great if done correctly, but if you are using your everyday furniture, you are probably struggling with your back and, as a consequence, with staying focused. Thankfully, a Standing Desk Converter can be the solution: it is compatible with any laptop and it boasts five height levels to transform your regular table on a proper desk.

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