5 supermarket money-saving tips

5 supermarket money-saving tips

There are thousands of ways to save money when you go shopping at the supermarket. Consider some that will make you reduce your monthly budget.

Sometimes your trips to the supermarket end up in a higher negative amount for your wallet, and that's the part you don't like. But with good planning, you can prevent the final bill from being a terror.

Plan your meals before going to the supermarket

When it comes to saving money at the supermarket, shopping lists are key. Making a weekly meal plan before going food shopping and writing out all the ingredients you need will massively help you cut the costs of your shopping.

You'll be able to stay focused on the foods you really need at the shop, and it'll become much easier to keep track of what you're spending each week.

There are loads of great veggie recipes out there to try

Become a flexitarian

Ditching the meat for just a few days every week can save you a tonne of cash. There are loads of great veggie recipes out there to try, and you'll still get to eat meat sometimes, it's just a matter of mixing things up a bit. It also means you'll start appreciating meat a lot more when you don't expect to have it every day.

Squeeze the most out of loyalty cards

Most supermarkets offer a loyalty scheme where they'll offer you points on your shop that can then be redeemed against future purchases.

We'd recommend getting a loyalty card from all supermarkets in your area that offer them, as the key to saving is not letting loyalty cards dictate how and where you shop.

Have a bite to eat before you go food shopping

Never shop for food when hungry

If you haven't eaten all day and then head to the supermarket, you're going to end up throwing anything and everything into your trolley. Have a bite to eat before you go food shopping to avoid hunger-fuelled impulse buys.

Use supermarket cashback apps

With supermarket cashback apps, you can be reimbursed for up to 100% of the cost of some food and drink items at the supermarket.

Before heading out to do your food shopping, always check on cashback apps to see if there are any products on there that you need. If you're planning to buy similar things anyway, you can save yourself some money by getting cashback.

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