5 celebrities with the most expensive homes

5 celebrities with the most expensive homes

Most celebrities dish out millions of dollars on property, but some of them own really expensive and luxurious mansions in Hollywood.

We are used to the fact that celebrities earn millions and millions and spend their money on basically whatever they want. And what they want, apparently, is big, luxurious homes they can live in. Here’s a list of 5 celebrities with the most expensive homes in Hollywood:

1-    Jay Z and Beyoncé - $88 million

As two of the most successful musicians in the world, they have combined a fraction of their wealth to purchase a home that is around $88 million. It has 6 buildings that combine about 30,000 square feet of living space. The home has eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, four swimming pools, one basketball court, and a garage that can hold 15 cars.

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2-    Oprah - $90 million

As queen of all media, she purchased an incredibly gorgeous home priced at $90 million, which is only a tiny portion of her fortune. The main house alone has six bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms. There’s also a pool with a pool house, a koi pond and an equestrian compound that has riding rings, stables and a barn.    

3-    George Lucas - $100 million

As the creator of Star Wars, Lucas has made a fortune. His estate is around $100 million and it’s called the Skywalker Ranch. His house is also home to Skywalker Sounds, where they design sound, mix and produce for multiple mediums. 
The estate also has a 26 rooms Inn, a fitness center, an observatory, a vineyard, and it even has its own fire station.

4-    George Clooney - $100 million

As one of the most successful actors out there,     it makes sense that he owns one of the most expensive houses — and it is his vacation home. It is located in Lake Como, Italy, and it’s valued at $100 million. Located on the water, it has a tennis court and a full gym, among other amenities. The house is ornate with carved ceilings, huge rooms and even bigger bathrooms.

5-    Bill Gates - $131 million

As a billionaire, it is understandable he is on top of this list. His home, which cost $131 million, has the most up to date technology. Located in Medina, Washington, the estate is 66,000 square feet and it has seven bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms, a sixty-foot pool, a trampoline room, a reception hall, a library. Oh, and it also has six kitchens.

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