5 Platforms to buy and help at the same time

5 Platforms to buy and help at the same time

Small businesses are having a hard time during the Coronavirus pandemic. Most of them depend entirely on their online sales to survive. You can make a very important difference by supporting them these rough days. Read on and find out which are the best 5 platforms to buy and help at the same time. 

1. Amazon Storefront & Amazon Handmade

Amazon dedicates these categories to offer a huge variety of products from independent sellers. There are many different items sold by minority-owned businesses. You can also choose handmade products, such as toys, jewelry, and clothes.

2. Instacart

In this app, you can find many grocery stores, where you can buy online the food you need. Make sure you choose your local store to support the local economy! Instacart offers more than 1000 products and a same-day delivery service in many cities.

Buy online and help at the same time!

3. DoorDash

Instead of ordering food from a fast-food chain, check out DoorDash! This food delivery service lets you order meals from local restaurants, which can’t receive customers at their tables. This way, you can enjoy homemade food and help others at the same time!

4. Kabbage

Some stores can’t even sell their products online. A way to lend them a hand can be through buying gift certificates. Kabbage is a big marketplace with a focus on local businesses, where you can spend between $15 and $500 in said certificates.

5. GiftCards.com

This gift card platform offers a wide range of vouchers that you can buy and exchange later. You can buy gifts for your friends and families in advance. Every penny counts!

Some final words

As you can see, it’s easy to help local businesses and independent sellers even just a little bit. They’re having a rough time due to this pandemic. If you’re an owner of such businesses or you know someone who is, sign up to these platforms for free and be a part of these communities!

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