Ridiculously items Marshmello

4 ridiculously expensive items Marshmello owns

The famous DJ has made a lot of money throughout his career and he certainly knows what to do with his money.

Celebrities love to spend money on the finer things and Marshmello knows a thing or two about that. Here are 4 unbelievably expensive things he owns.

His pet - $5,000

One of his biggest inspirations and critics is another DJ called “Deadrat.” As a homage to his idol, Marshmello bought a pet rat and named it the same way. The animal itself wasn’t that expensive, but he spends over $900 a year on toys and foods, so he has now spent well over $5,000 on his rat.

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His helmet - $55,000

He is well-known for his white helmet, which has the shape of a (guess what?) Marshmello and that has soon become his trademark. The first version of the helmet was rather bland, so he had a new version made in 2018. It has LED lights that put on a mini-show for his fans and it is lightweight (just 8 pounds, compared to the 13 pounds of the previous version).

His private jet - $3.4 million

The famous DJ owns a Dassault Falcon that is so exclusive that just about 1% of the richest people in the world own one.
His jest has a pure white interior and it features a full-sized kitchen, a bathroom, and an office space.

His private yacht - $10 million

As the DJ and music producer he is, he is expected to entertain. And the does exactly that on his private yacht, named “Holy Ship.” Aboard his yacht, he hosts parties, concerts, and other performances as he sails the Atlantic Ocean.

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