4 best Medicare Advantage plans for 2020

Health costs can easily pile up, and it tends to be one of the biggest and unavoidable expenses you might have. There are many plans out there for you to chose from. These are the best rated plans of the year, according to Medicare Advantage plan users themselves.

Over 3,300 members of Medicare Advantage plans were polled by J.D. Power to determine which this year’s best plans were.

The results are based on 6 main factors, which are: 

-coverage and benefits 
-Provider choice 
-Customer service
-Information and communication
-Billing and payment. 

On a scale of up to 1,000 points, these turned out to be the best Medicare Advantage plans of 2020:

1-    Highmark, with an overall satisfaction score of 830 out of 1,000
2-    Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, with an overall score of 829 out of 1,000
3-    Humana, with a score of 806 out of 1,000
4-    UnitedHealthCare, with an overall satisfaction score of 800 out of 1,000

The plans that earned below-average points were:

1-    Aetna, with an overall score of 789
2-    Cigna-HealthSpring, with a score of 781
3-    Anthem, with a score of 779
4-    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, with a score of 779
5-    Centene, with a score of 775
6-    WellCare, with a score of 773

Differences between Original and Advantage Medicare plans

Original Medicare is directly offered by the federal government’s Medicare program, while Medicare Advantage Plus programs are offered by private insurers that have previously been approved by the government to offer such services.

Medicare Advantage must cover the same services as Original Medicare, but it can also cover other expenses. This is why the cost and coverage vary from one Medicare Advantage plan to the other.     

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