3 common mistakes when switching cellphone plans 3 common mistakes when switching cellphone plans

3 common mistakes when switching cellphone plans

If you are switching plans in order to save money, make sure you avoid these common mistakes!

Checking your bills is usually a great way of saving money. Cellphone companies usually offer a wide variety of products and services, basically because with so much competition around, they need to constantly find new ways of enticing their customers to choose them. This is why there are so many money-saving opportunities when switching phone plans. However, here are some common mistakes that can actually cost you money:

1-    Changing your phone

We won’t deny phones are fun and cool and we all want to have the latest one available, but they are also really expensive.
So, unless you really need a new phone because the one you have is almost dead, keep your old device. Those big changes from one model to another used to be a thing from the past, but the difference between cellphones right now is usually not noticeable for the average user.

If your phone is meeting your current needs and demands, then don’t spend money on an unnecessary upgrade. 
On the other hand, if you can’t send a text message without having to worry about the battery running out, then it might be time for you to get a new one.

2-    Paying for things you don’t need

Cellphone companies will try to cell you plans that include a lot of perks —and they will charge you more for that. For example, higher-tiered plans offer free international phone calls, which is great if you happen to make a lot of those calls. But if you use your phone to scroll on social media all day long and text your partner to check what’s for dinner, then why pay for that service, right?

3-    Paying for data you don’t need

Almost every plan offers unlimited talk and text these days, so communicational needs are, more often than not, covered. What you are paying for is, basically, data.

As you can imagine, unlimited plans are the most expensive, but companies sell it under the premise that you will never ran out of data, which is great. But unlimited data is way more data than any user can ever need, so why pay for that?

Instead, take a look at your data usage (most cellphones will provide you this information) and look for a plan that has a data limit around that average.

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