3 best water bottles to buy right now

3 best water bottles to buy right now

Choose the most ideal water bottle to keep you hydrated every day, from these three best bottles to buy right now!

Choosing a water bottle seems to be easy until you run into the moment of making the purchase of that utensil that will be accompanying you in your daily routine.

Today we bring you the three best water bottles you can buy right now based on price and quality:

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle

There’s no denying that Hydro Flask is one of the most popular water bottle choices for basically anyone nowadays and if you’re just as concerned with the aesthetics of your bottle as the performance, then the 32oz. Hydro Flask is your answer.

Takeya Water Bottle

The screw-top is by far the easiest one to open and close and there’s no fussing with the perfect angle to get it back on with a great seal.

It is so important for kids and preventing leaks. The 18 oz. bottle that we tried was also pretty easy to tote around.

ThermoFlask Water Bottle

This 24 oz. bottle is the best value! With two included lids and an extra straw, it’s definitely got the most bang for your buck!

The biggest downfall with this bottle was the lid which doesn’t adjust, but if you don’t mind taking up a little extra room in your cabinet, then this one will suit all of your needs.

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