Simple guide for using PayPal

Simple guide for using PayPal

This is a guide for people who want to learn how to use Paypal.

PayPal is an online service that enables you to send money and accept payments. The best thing about PayPal is that it works as an international tool so you can be sure most of the online stores, platforms, and other types of service, has PayPal as a method of payment. So if you are not familiar with their system, we invite you to read this guide.

First step is to create an account with just your email, it's really easy, then you will have access to your balance and information. PayPal have several ways for you to handle your transactions, like:

Instant transfer: This is the most effective way to send money on PayPal because it is immediatly credited to the recipient's account, and the person can instantly use it by transferring it to her/his bank account. 

Credit card: You can put your PayPal purchases on a credit card, so they can be protected by PayPal, but also by the company of your credit card, in any case of fraud.

eCheck: This method isn't as instant as a transfer. You need to write a check from your checking account and it can take from three to five days for it to clear.

How to send money?

Once you are on PayPal, and have clicked the Send Money tab, you find these options:

Paying for eBay items: When you buy an item from eBay you pay through the eBay Checkout system and it goes directly to your PayPal account.

Services: As mentioned before, most online services around the world, have PayPal as a payment method already incorporated in their platforms. 

Goods: By clicking this button you can send money for purchases made anywhere other than eBay.

Personal: This is used for sending money to another personal account for your own particular reasons. 

These are basic skills for beginners, so if you haven't, you can start managing your paypal account right now.

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