Learn how to make an online deposit

Banks are searching for ways to make transactions easier for their users. Due to this, they now offer the chance to avoid paying a visit to their venue and make check deposits from home.

Nowadays, there's no need of going to the bank in order to make a check deposit. You can do it from your home, either online or with your mobile phone.

Although every bank has its own policies, the process to deposit a check online is usually similar. Follow these steps and don't move from your couch to make a deposit!

Use your smartphone

If you want to make a check deposit from your smartphone you will need to check if your bank counts with this system and if the operating system is suitable for your phone. If everything's ok, you can download the app to your phone.

To deposit the check you will need to endorse it the same way you do when you deposit it at the bank. Nevertheless, check with your bank if there's any other requirement you should consider.

Once your check is ready, you log in to your account at the bank app and look for the "Deposits" option on the menu or main screen. When you tap on this option you will have to follow the directions on the screen and take a picture of the back and front of the check.

After the check is scanned, you will have to type the amount of the check and confirm it. Once you submit it, you may have to wait a while before you see the deposit in your account. This will depend on your bank.

Remember to void the check once you receive the confirmation of the check deposit. You just need to write the words "void" or "processed" on the check.

Make your deposit online

First things first: check if your bank offers this option! Check the bank website and their online deposit conditions.

To make your deposit online you will need to scan your check. So, if you don't have a scanner at home, look if you can scan it at work or at a library nearby.

Before you scan it, remember to endorse your check! Sign on the back and ask the bank if you need to add any other information, like your bank account or member number.

Once you are all set, go to your bank's website, log into your account and look for the deposit feature on the menu. Now you will be asked to scan the check, so follow the guidelines to get the perfect scan.

In this case, you can also be asked to type the amount of the check and confirm it. Then, submit it!

Once you receive the email confirming the deposit and make sure it's reflected in your account, you can write "void" on the check and destroy it.

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