How to improve your mobile banking security

Online banking makes banking way more easy and convenient. However, it can be dangerous if you don't take measures to protect your money. Learn how to increase your mobile banking security.

Online banking has simplified many transactions that had to be made in person in the past. However, as it happens with many other online platforms, mobile banking can be vulnerable if you don't take the right steps to protect your account.

Follow these steps and make sure that your mobile banking is secure!

  1. Use a password to protect your mobile device

Although many apps already count on security measures and require you to authenticate yourself, it's a good idea to add extra security layers. You can then put a password on your mobile phone.

This way you will protect your banking information in case you lose your phone.

Remember to use random numbers for your password. This means, avoid using consecutive numbers or "1111" as a password.

  1. Watch out from the phishing texts

Usually, banks communicate with their users via SMS or email. However, you should keep an eye on malicious texts that will request personal information regarding your bank account.

Be clever and don't click on suspicious links or answer strange messages. Bear in mind that banks will never ask you to provide your personal information. If you have any doubt, call your bank to verify the authenticity of the message.

  1. Keep your phone close

Especially when you dine out or go to a store. Pay as much attention to your phone as you give to your wallet.

Do not leave your phone on the table, keep it always with you. If you lose it you can easily get hacked.

 4. Be careful when you type your bank info

Even when you are in a hurry to check your bank account, be careful! Someone may be watching you as you type your password. So, if you need to make a deposit or any transaction from your mobile banking, avoid doing it on a coffee shop table or somewhere where you can be "spied" over your shoulder.

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