The definitive guide to bank smarter

The definitive guide to bank smarter

There's nothing new in saying that banking is really complicated. You have thousands of banks, disclosures, rates and fees. So, dive into the definitive guide to bank smarter. 

Banking isn't easy at have to choose one option among thousands, face rates and fees, learn about conditions. Learning to bank smarter can help you be more efficient with your banking decisions. Here are some tips you should follow to save time and money!

Although you don't have to stay forever with the same bank, many people commit to their financial institutions and don't even analyze the possibility of changing. The market has evolved as years went by and there are plenty of features and products banks are offering right now, so you should check if there are better deals offered in other banks.

Write down the features of your current bank and check if there are any other financial institutions that offer a better deal. You will probably save much more money! You should never assume your bank is giving you the best rate. Make your research and check the annual percentage yield (APY) of other banks. Don't settle with your first option!

Re-evaluate your bank

Although there are some urgent or unexpected interactions, it's always better if you can plan your moves. You can save plenty of time just for planning! If you need to pay a visit to your mortgage specialist at your bank branch, make sure that he will be there when you go. Making an appointment can help you save your precious time.

Many people have credit or debit cards that remain unused for too long. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn't have a high annual fee. Make sure that you don't waste money or gain debt due to your unused cards! Bear in mind that your credit score can get damaged. Also, remember that banks usually close those cards that haven't been used for a while, so if you still want it to be active you should use it every now and then! 

Don't waste your money on forgotten credit cards

It may seem a detail, but you should always let your bank know when you are traveling. Otherwise, as your bank registers your transaction has been done in an unusual location, your credit or debit card may be declined. It's quite easy to notify your travel information, you just need to report the destination via the bank app or just call to detail your dates and destinations.

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