Find the bank account you need Find the bank account you need

Find the bank account you need

There are many types of bank accounts available for personal or business use, but do they truthfully serve a purpose? Check the main five bank accounts everybody needs to have!

Having too many bank accounts may seem overwhelming, but if you learn which ones you really need it can be really satisfying.

You don't have to get stuck in a traditional checking account, so take a look at the best bank accounts that everybody needs!

1. Non-fee checking account

If your traditional checking account is charging you fees, then you need to switch it as soon as possible!

Analyze the choices and prioritize those that grant no fees at all. Fees may seem low and harmless, but they will end up taking lots of your money as years go by.

Checking accounts are the ones where your day-to-day money is. It will be the account you will use to pay bills, make purchases and deposit your paychecks. So you will need one that protects your money!

2. High-interest savings account for emergency funds

Savings accounts are the best place to put your emergency fund. And you need an emergency fund no matter what! Unexpected things happen, the world is constantly changing and you better have some savings when that happens.

So, when you search for a savings account, pay special attention to the interest rate. The higher, the better. Remember to check online banks! They usually have special benefits you should also consider.

3. Low-fee (or no-fee) cash-back/rewards credit card

This isn't actually a bank account, but you will need one to get it. Credit cards can be a really useful and convenient financial tool, especially if they are cash-back cards.

The best two cash-back cards are:

4. Investment account for retirement

Besides from your day-to-day account and the one that allows you to save your emergency funds, you may also want to open an account for your future plans. There are many types of retirement accounts, but the best one also involves investing!

If you are keen on earning the highest return possible with your retirement money but you are new to investing, you can start with a low-fee mutual fund. If you are comfortable managing your investments yourself, you can look for a low-cost brokerage account.

5. High-interest savings account for a particular project

This type of savings account will be specifically destined to save money for a particular goal, like a vacation or your first home.

In this case, it's the best way to stash your money to keep you from spending it, especially if you are not that disciplined to keep it in your regular account.

As well as we suggested in the example of savings account for emergency funds, you should look for those accounts that offer high-interest rate.

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