5 great ways to start your own home bakery business

Starting a bakery could be an expensive proposition, but there are ways to make it easier! Check out!

Do you like bakery and confectionery? What if I told you that you can make a lot of money, working on what you like best? Read these tips and you will surely be encouraged to market those delicious recipes you know how to prepare. And if you already do, they will work perfectly for you too!

Starting a bakery could be an expensive proposition, but there are ways to make it easier!

1. Share pictures on social media

Many successful bakers started posting pictures of their enticing products on Facebook and Instagram and their baking business went off to a flying start. Most of them are having a flourishing side business. Visually-oriented social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram provide a brilliant platform for showcasing your mouth-watering creations. You must invest some time and some money in high-quality photography.

2. Offer free samples

Everybody enjoys having a free cake. So you must make it a point to flaunt your baking skills simply by sharing some free samples of your yummy treats with your potential customers. Experts recommend dropping off some free samples at all those places where you have some contacts like your doctor’s or dentist’s office, your church, knitting group, or book club, etc.

You must go to such places where you have some contacts or connections. There is no point in dropping free samples at random places.

3. Focus on networking with other bakers

Try to locate other bakers doing business in your area. Treat them as your friends and not just competition. A local group on Facebook or an Instagram group could help in providing you with the right information and the right contacts so that you could get the best possible deals on your supplies.


4. Come up with a signature item

Experts believe that a signature product particularly-if the item that is mainly holiday-themed would help in establishing you in your customers’ minds. You would soon find a niche for yourself in the bakery industry.

If you create something special on the occasion of Thanksgiving, your customers would remember to come back to you to buy your signature dessert for Thanksgiving. Your customers would know precisely who to get in touch with when they are looking for that signature dish.

5. Distribute your business cards

You must print some business cards even before rolling out your home bakery. While getting your business cards printed, you must make sure that your business card contains all the necessary information. It must have multiple contact information such as email ID, telephone number, and even your address. You must remember to highlight your product specifics that would surely make it stand out from the rest, for instance, themed cakes, gluten-free cupcakes, etc.

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