3 ways of making money on Twitch

3 ways of making money on Twitch

If you are a gamer or a streamer, then probably your biggest dream is to make money while doing your things.

Twitch is a platform owned by Amazon that allows its users to play games and then stream the games they play. Compared to YouTube, Twitch focuses more on live content than pre-edited content.

Amazon runs a partnership program that allows you to earn money from displaying ads. This is called Twitch Partnership Program and it pays out based on the number of views and clicks each video gets.

To start making money on this platform, the key is to build engagement and get as many views as possible. And when we talk about making money we are not saying some extra bucks. We mean big money. Some Twitch users have an estimated net worth of 30 million! 

To start making money on Twitch the key is to build engagement and get as many views as possible.

The more popular you become, the more you influence your audience. This means that they will not only watch your content, but they are also likely to buy other things you recommend. 

Let's find out 3 ways of making money on Twitch

1. Build an audience

Find your niche, whether it’s a game, genre or shtick — if you’re not the most skilled player, for example, be the funniest. Set a regular streaming schedule so fans know when to tune in. Use your existing social media accounts — Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — to promote your Twitch broadcasts. And support other Twitch users by watching and engaging with their streams.

Of course, you won’t make a lot at first and it will take some time for you to get there (or maybe you don’t get there at all), but if you can create content to engage your audience and get them to watch your channel, you are on your way.

2. Become a Twitch Affiliate

Streamers who meet a specific set of criteria can become Twitch Affiliate. The program is invitation-only, and you must have met the following milestones within the past 30 days to be eligible, according to Twitch:

A minimum of 500 total minutes broadcasted.

A minimum of seven different broadcast days.

An average of three concurrent viewers or more.

At least 50 followers.

When you join the program viewers can subscribe to your channel to unlock perks, such as exclusive chat rooms, emoticons, and merchandise discounts. Monthly subscriptions start at $4.99, with $9.99 and $24.99 options available. Affiliates receive a cut of each subscription.

3. Become a Twitch Partner

Becoming a Partner is the best thing for a Twitch user with the aim of making money. Unlike Twitch Affiliates, who are automatically invited to join the program, users must apply to become partners.

Twitch Partners earn money the same way as affiliates and general users, but they also receive a share of ad revenue generated from their page. Partners are also likely to get endorsement deals and brand sponsorships.

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