3 real estate investment platforms you must try

There are many ways to invest in real estate. One of them is through platforms like Fundrise, which is based on crowdfunding. Here are other options to consider!

The main key to investing in real estate is finding really good deals, and this is the tricky part: sometimes it can be a bit hard to get to know these deals for you to invest wisely. Fortunately, there are many options for you to explore:

3 real estate investment platforms you must try

1. PeerStreet

This online marketplace lets you invest in real estate debt. Instead of investing in a property, you can choose high-quality private real estate loans made to borrowers. These go through careful vetting before being available to investors, which is why you’re less likely to lose money.

The process is simple: your money goes to lenders, who give it out as loans to real estate borrowers. They’ll pay interest on these loans each month, which will then be collected by the company and distributed to all investors.

In only 6 to 24 months you can receive a lot of profit as the borrowers pay back their loans. Even though you need to be an accredited investor and make a minimum investment of $1,000 to participate, this company opens the door to these loans that aren’t easy to reach if you aren’t a traditional real estate investor. Keep in mind that there are 0.25%-1.00% fees!


2. Streitwise

Whether you’re an accredited or unaccredited investor, as long as you have $1,000 you can invest in a diversified portfolio of private real estate assets. This online real estate investing company wishes to extend participation on property investment to everyone.

Some of the reasons why Streitwise recommends investing in real estate include the steady and growing dividends that this source provides to its investors. It also includes passive income and high, diversified returns.

This company invests in emerging markets, which are usually fairly priced and give higher dividends to investors. The properties they choose to invest in are ones that are expected to be easily filled with tenants, which means your money will be put in a safe investment.

Additionally, the only fees you need to worry about being taken out before your dividend distribution. They’re also lower than the usual ones: an upfront 3% fee and an ongoing 2% management fee.

3. Roofstock

While other platforms focus on individual loans, Roofstock allows you to invest in single-family homes, so this way you don’t have to manage the property directly. Instead, they have their own team to do that. Here you just need to select your search criteria, find a match and make a free offer. If your offer is selected, they’ll charge a marketplace fee of 0.5% of the contract price or $500, whichever is highest.

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